Review of our Fringe 2016 concert - 'Shakespeare Songs':

WITH a programme of music set to Shakespeare texts, Edinburgh based vocal ensemble Consort of Voices presented a selection of different composers’ interpretations of Shakespeare’s words, under the direction of Stuart Hope. Opening with the New Mexican contemporary composer Z Randall Stroope’s Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day, the choir sang with a fresh, well balanced blend and sophisticated synchronicity. The percussive nature of Double Double Toil and Trouble, the third of Finnish composer Jaako Mantyjarvi’s set of 4 Shakespeare songs was tightly executed, as were the ringing bell-like sounds in Vaughan-Williams’ Full Fathom Five.

With lush and sensitive accompaniment from Neil Metcalf, Hope’s own SATB arrangement of Finzi’s song cycle Let us Garlands Bring had an attractive depth, with Finzi’s melodies still being at the fore.

- The Herald -